Tuttolomondo Bakery

Italian Cookies, Breads and Delicacies

Plastic Rounds are best for two to four dozen cookies. Assorted designs

Holiday Bags ​ can hold one or two dozen cookies. Assorted designs

Choose your favorite cookies from our selection,  then choose a gift container from the ones shown here, and we will customize a holiday gift for you! $15 -$17 /dozen in holiday packaging

Biscotti Jars  are quart jars filled with an assortment of our cranberry walnut, chocolate cherry & hazelnut cinnamon biscotti. Yum!  Great to have on hand for company and family , or as delicious gifts. $15/Jar (10-12 biscotti depending on size) $17/jar with ornament

Plastic Jars​ snap open and can hold one dozen.  Assorted designs

Aluminum Trays have cardboard tops and are great for 1dz small cookies. Assorted tops available.

Tins are great for one dozen pizzelles. Assorted designs

Boxes are available in many sizes, can accommodate several dozen. Assorted