Zucchini Bread ... moist and lemony, with poppy seeds and a bit of sour cream. Yum! Great for gift giving, freezes well. small 5x3 loaf $4


Cranberry Nut Bread ... orange juice really makes this delicious.

small 5x3 loaf $4

Almond Crisps ... loaded with ground almonds, these buttery cookies are wildly popular. $12/dz

Pizzelles  ... crisp, delicate, waffle cookies made on a special iron that creates the beautiful designs.  Great with ice cream or dusted with powdered sugar. Vanilla, anise or double chocolate, made with cocoa and bittersweet chocolate.  $12/dz

Chewy Almond Paste​ ... chewy and sweet, made with almond paste.  Gluten free, no flour. Traditional or chocolate, topped with sliced almonds and a cherry.  $15/dz

Biscotti... 'cookie' in Italian, are twice-baked and terrific for dunking in your coffee, tea or wine.  We make almond amaretto, hazelnut cinnamon, cherry almond and our popular, cranberry walnut. $12/dz

Pignoli... chewy and sweet, made with almond paste.  Gluten free, no flour.  Topped with pine nuts.  $15/dz

Mediterranean Olive Bread ... made with herbs, garlic, black olives and olive oil, this yeast bread is wonderful...baked fresh daily, delicious toasted.  $5/round loaf

Biscotti Regina Sesame Seed ...traditional Sicilian cookies, anise flavored and rolled in roasted sesame seeds before baking.  GREAT with your wine or coffee.  $12/dz

Wine Biscuits ... sweet and peppery, these "crackers" are made with

Cabernet Sauvignon and black pepper.  Great after dinner with cheese

and fruit.  $12/dz


Banana Bread ... with or without nuts ~ delicious smeared with butter.

Great for gift giving, freezes well.  small 5x3 loaf $4

Tuttolomondo Bakery

Italian Cookies, Breads and Delicacies

Cucidata Fig Cookies ... traditionally a holiday treat, but so scrumptious

we make them year round!  Amazing filling of figs, dates, raisins, nuts,

honey and orange marmalade wrapped inside a flaky dough, with or

without icing and sprinkles.  $15/dz